“the number 1 chicken broth in China”

About Totole

Shang Hai Totole Food Co., Ltd was established in 1988. It is the world’s largest broth factory in Shanghai, specializing in chicken powder, chicken broth, spices, sauces, MSG and so on.

Totole is always striving to bring healthier and tastier flavorings to consumers and set new industry standards to continue offering top quality and taste.

Totole is part of the Swiss Nestlé group.

Fresh ingredients

Fresh materials are used as a flavor base. Carefully selected ingredients, provide “Xian” (freshness) with safety. It adds delicious chicken flavor to the dishes.

Double Xian Formula

Delicious ingredients extracted from fresh products provide the synergy effect.
The ”Xian” index is 2 to 3 times higher than that of MSG produced by Totole, which doubles the Xian taste.

High Quality

The greatest care is taken when purchasing and producing the chicken stock.
Strictly working according to the food safety management system with 64 quality checks. It is a high-quality chicken stock with craftsmanship.

Totole Commercial Video

Lao Gan Ma
“China’s most famous chili sauce”

China’s Best Chili Oils and Sauces

Liroy is an importer of the most famous chili sauce in all of China: Lao Gan Ma. It has a unique spicy mala-chili flavor that tantalizes the taste buds and is loved by all generations.

Each product has a unique combination of ingredients that gives extra flavor and depth to the chili.


Every pot of chili sauce features founder Tao Huabi’s photo, “The Old Godmother”.

In 1989, Mrs. Tao Huabi became a widow and opened a small noodle shop serving simple noodles with her own spicy chili sauce to support her family.

The noodle business grew and customers kept coming back, not because of the noodles, but because of the unique taste of its spicy chili sauce. Five years later, in 1994, she decided to focus on making only chili sauces. Two years later, she opened a factory that now produces over 1.3 million jars of Lao Gan ma per day!